Medicash and Cool Earth

Medicash - Proud to be carbon neutral

Health insurer Medicash is one of Cool Earth's leading partners and is already helping to protect some of the world's most endangered tropical forest.

Medicash currently protects 125 acres of endangered rainforest; enough to cover their carbon emission over the year. The commitment of Medicash to rainforest protection is already making a huge difference to the lives of local communities and security of the trees in the Ashaninka, Peru.

Without Medicash's support, the forest would have been lost to logging, releasing a staggering 32,500 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Medicash chief executive Sue Weir says:

"As a socially responsible organisation with a history of charitable engagement we understand that it is vital for a company to be aware of the impact of its actions on the environment. Our relationship with Cool Earth ensures we are able to offset our carbon emissions but, equally importantly, our environmental policy signals a commitment on the part of every Medicash employee to change their day to day habits in order to help reduce our impact on the environment."



Every acre of mature rainforest that Medicash secures, keeps 260 tonnes of carbon dioxide where it belongs. This means Medicash's sponsorship of 125 acres is protecting around 5,000 mature trees, 11,875 saplings, 500 endangered species of mammal, 40,250 types of plant and over a million species of insect and worm.

Our sponsorship also includes purchasing classroom equipment, solar powered internet, and working alongside the Ashaninka to ensure that they are properly compensated for protecting a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem.

In addition to carbon offsetting, Medicash is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint by a further 10% by limiting its company car policy to vehicles with low CO2 emissions, and increasing staff take-up of interest free loans for public transport season tickets and Ride 2 Work initiatives.

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