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Discounted Gym Membership

Some of our plans give you access to discounts at over 3,000 participating gyms, pools, studios and outdoor fitness events across the UK.

With discounts available for you and your partner, saving really couldn't be easier.  Even better, these savings can also be used by both new and existing members of the gym (although you may need to extend your contract period to access the new rates).

For more details of the participating establishments near your home or place of work please visit and use the login reference quoted on your benefit table or in your policy booklet.  

Here you’ll find details of the offer, any terms and perhaps a nice little video. Download the voucher and follow the instructions detailed to obtain the discount. Please ensure you have proof of your policy when you visit the gym. 

The above service is provided by our partner Incorpore. Medicash reserve the right to change this partner without prior notice.

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