Frequently Asked Questions

You'll no doubt have lots of questions to ask about our health cash plan. On this page we've answered the questions that are asked most often. If your question isn't listed, simply contact us to find out more.

Anyone from 16 to 65 years old. No medical is needed and your premiums won't increase because of your age.

Our plans are designed to cover individuals, couples or families. You can cover up to four dependent children up to the age of 16, or 19 if in full-time education for some benefits at no extra cost on all plans.

Our Solo Plan covers you plus your dependent children. If you wish to cover your partner, including same sex partnerships, you will need to select our Dual Plan. Both plans are available in a range of levels.

You can claim straight away for most benefits from the date shown on your Policy Schedule within your welcome pack. Some exclusions apply, see 'What's not covered?' for more details.

Please note that Medicash will not pay any claims until your first premium has been received.

Benefit is not payable in respect of any pre-existing condition for the hospital benefit for three years from the start of your policy, or at the higher rate for three years following an increase in cover.

You are not covered for the birth/adoption of a child that takes place within the first 12 months of your policy, or it will be paid at the lower rate for 12 months following an increase in cover.

Benefit may also not be claimed if treatment is needed as a result of participation in dangerous sports or through self-inflicted injury.

You can cancel your Medicash plan at any time. If it's less than thirty days since you joined and provided that you have not made a claim, we'll refund your first month's payment.

As long as you join before your 66th birthday you can remain a member for life, providing you keep your premiums up-to-date.

Personal Accident cover ceases on your 66th Birthday, but you'll continue to be covered for all other benefits.

Making a claim is simple. Just ask for a receipt from your practitioner after you have received and paid for your treatment.

Complete a claim form (you can download one here) and post it to us along with your receipts. We'll then aim to pay the claim within 5 working days.

Yes, claims must be made within 26 weeks of the date that treatment was received or you were discharged from hospital, otherwise we will not accept liability to pay such claims.

You can request to change your details online.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0151 702 0265. Please have your membership number to hand when you call.

To change your level of cover, simply call us on 0151 702 0304. Please have your membership number to hand when you call.

Your policy will automatically be renewed every month, provided that you continue to pay your premiums and comply with the Terms and Conditions of the plan.

We hope you'll always be happy with the service you receive from Medicash, but if you do have a complaint, you can talk directly to our Customer Service Team on 0151 702 0265 who'll handle everything on your behalf.

No, you are only limited to your benefit limits as set out in the table of benefits. You can claim as many times as you like, provided you don't exceed the limits for each individual benefit in a particular benefit period. To discover which level of cover you are currently on, please refer to your Policy Schedule.

This is the period of time that you can claim up to the maximum amount of benefit, as shown in the benefit table.  Usually this is 12 months but please check your benefit table.

No - this policy only covers treatment within the UK.

This insurance is provided by Medicash Health Benefits Ltd, One Derby Square, Liverpool L2 1AB. A company limited by guarantee and registered in England (number: 258025).

Medicash Health Benefits Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Details of registration can be found at or by calling the FSA on 0845 606 1234.

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A health cash plan is a low cost insurance package that provides cash back towards your everyday healthcare bills, as well as providing cover towards the unexpected such as a stay in hospital.

No – you do not need to have a medical before you sign up to a Medicash healthcare cash plan.  There are some exclusions when you join such as pre-existing conditions relating to a hospital stay, but these will be checked at the time you submit your claim

Yes – Medicash’s health cash plans cover routine dental treatments and can even reimburse part of an existing dental care plan that you may be paying for.  Please note however that Medicash do not cover any cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening and the amount that you can claim back each year is dependent upon your chosen level of cover.

Yes – Medicash’s Wellbeing health plan will pay you a lump sum upon the birth of your child or the adoption of a child under the age of three.  There is a 12 month waiting period before you will be eligible for this benefit so if you or your partner are already pregnant or trying to conceive, please note that you may not be eligible for this benefit when your child is born.