Medicash is committed to providing employers with valuable tools and resources to help employers implement effective strategies around workplace health to maximise productivity and boost profitability.

In this section you can access a series of free white papers designed to provide you with the latest intelligence and data on health in the workplace and related topics. 

In-Depth Guide to Healthcare in the Workplace

Sickness absence and health in the workplace are two key concerns for UK businesses – and yet the majority of businesses have no mid or long-term plan for how they will look after their workforce. Medicash has teamed up with Reward to identify some of the key issues facing employers and employees when it comes to healthcare. In this in-depth guide, we’ll outline ways to tackle the challenge of building a healthier workforce and therefore reducing sickness absence, without breaking the bank.

In our survey with Reward, carried out in September and October 2015, we discovered that ‘lack of budget’ was the major barrier to providing healthcare benefits. That might not be a great surprise, but this doesn’t have to be an expensive form of reward. In fact, from an employer’s perspective, it doesn’t have to cost at all, given the options in the market for ‘employee-pays’ benefits. And, building a healthier workforce is as much about culture – whether that’s changing attitudes towards wellbeing, or making sure that you understand the causes of absence through improved monitoring – as it is about costly products.

This guide will take you through best practice, with a mix of case studies, action plans, checklists and guides to improving the overall health of your workforce.

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Whitepaper: Improving Health, Wellbeing and Performance in the Workplace

Post recession Britain is witnessing some major changes around working hours, stress levels and attitudes to health. With 78% managers reporting an increase in workload pressure and the cost of presenteesism estimated at £15billion, employers need to implement intelligent strategies to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity.

Medicash has joined forces with leading business psychology experts Roberts and Cooper to produce a white paper addressing how organisations can improve their management of employee health and create an improved culture that delivers sustainable wellbeing and bottom line benefits.

The contents include the latest statistics derived from 100,000 wellbeing survey responses and examines the predictors around psychological and physical health whilst looking in detail at how employees can be moved from a relatively poor position in terms of health and productivity to a much improved level.

The roles and responsibilities of line managers are deemed critical and the paper explores how line managers can ‘make or break’ levels of job satisfaction and performance within a team. It looks at the cultural challenges faced by managers and chief executives and contains some proven methods and approaches designed to overcome barriers and change attitudes. These include practical recommendations around resources and communication, the creation of ‘workplace champions’ and how to empower individuals to take control of the health in a positive way.

The paper challenges current thinking around how health is managed day-to-day and covers the six key factors that are likely to create pressure. It also includes the key questions managers should ask themselves to ensure they are managing their health and that of their team effectively.

Another important feature of the report is an in-depth look at personal resilience. Employers may need staff to be able to cope during times of increased pressure or workload but there is a point at which this becomes unsustainable. The paper contains examples of how this can be identified and managed.

This white paper is designed to be a free and useful resource for all line managers and directors. 

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