The cash comes on the back of Bernie Hollywood OBE winning the Facilitator Award at the Collective Honours Ceremony sponsored by Medicash last year.

Bernie was given the award in recognition of his fundraising work across Merseyside and abroad. Over the last 30 years he has raised over 37 million pounds for a wide range of charitable projects designed to help sick children, disadvantaged and vulnerable people of all ages here in the UK.

On behalf of The Medicash Charitable Trust, Medicash chief executive Sue Weir presented a cheque to the Memusi Foundation which was accepted by Bernie Hollywood OBE (trustee and special ambassador).

Bernie said: “Winning the award was a complete surprise and when I was asked to nominate a charity of my choice to receive a £5,000 donation I was completely stunned. This is a huge boost to the Memusi Foundation and will help fund the building of a brand new school. The money is enough to pay for a complete classroom for three to six year olds who otherwise would have no access to education. I feel honoured and am so delighted that Medicash has made such a generous donation.”

The Memusi Foundation was set up seven years ago and now delivers a range of projects around education and health in the Rift Valley area of Kenya and in Tanzania. Money raised has funded the creation of new schools as well as specific projects such as the provision of malaria nets and health & wellbeing camps and medical programmes for the surrounding communities. 

Through the Memusi Foundation, Liverpool has forged links with Kenya through initiatives where young people from disadvantaged areas across the City have participated in volunteer schemes supporting their personal and career development.