Manage your healthcare anytime, anywhere

With the My Medicash app, the benefits of our health plans has never been quicker or easier for your employees to access.

Your health in the palm of your hand

As both a portal to our range of digital and virtual healthcare tools and a 24/7 claims facility, the My Medicash app puts your employees’ healthcare in the palm of their hands – literally!

To claim on the app, your employees need only take a photo of their receipt and upload it directly to the app – we’ll take care of everything else and pay the claim straight to your employee’s bank account within a few days.

The app also provides users with access to our exclusive mProve YOURSELF health and wellbeing app, as well as direct links to their virtual Medicash services, meaning your employees can feel the benefits of their health plans at just the touch of a button.

Woman using SkinVision app to scan skin spot

Spot skin cancer early

As the most common form of cancer in the UK with at least 100,000 cases diagnosed every year, being able to quickly spot the early signs of skin cancer is an invaluable tool for your employees.

Using the revolutionary AI tracker SkinVision, your employees can perform regular skin checks to assess their skin spots and moles for the most common types of skin cancer. With results provided in just 30 seconds, and clear signposting and guidance on next steps, users can have peace of mind about their skin health.

Woman with resistance band - Medicash Phio

Get physiotherapy, faster

Your employees can take control of their physiotherapy journey with access to Phio, a clinically-led digital physiotherapy assessment app that provides 24/7 remote access to the right care.

Phio is able to adapt to over 3,000 different scenarios, tracks user progress, and employs a variety of tools to help users stay engaged, ensuring the right treatment at the right pace for faster recovery.

Man using mProve app to meditate

Your pocket wellbeing guide

Medicash customers also gain exclusive access to our mProve YOURSELF health and wellbeing app.

mProve YOURSELF is your employee’s one stop shop to improve their fitness, mindfulness, sleep, and much more, both in work and at home. Providing access to guided meditations, self-help guides, fitness and yoga videos and so much more, start looking after your employees today.