The CardiACT Campaign

Saving lives one beat at a time with Medicash.

Heart safety throughout Liverpool

In 2015 Medicash launched CardiACT, our heart safety campaign in Liverpool alongside Liverpool BID Company, the North West Ambulance Service and Ricky Tomlinson.

Our initial aim was to ensure that no one in Liverpool City Centre would be more than two minutes away from a lifesaving defibrillator. With the support of local businesses and organisations, this goal has been achieved, but we’re not stopping there!

According to the British Heart Foundation there is one heart attack every three minutes in the UK. Evidence shows the chances of survival from a cardiac arrest is 80 per cent if a device is used within two minutes, decreasing roughly 10 per cent for every minute after that. Without a defibrillator, the chances of survival are between two and five per cent.

The CardiACT campaign is designed to give businesses, organisations and community groups access to discounted defibrillators which will help to protect their employees, members and even the general public should the worst happen.

CardiACT Defibrillator

Since the scheme launched, Medicash have helped to place 65+ defibrillators.

Through our CardiACT scheme, businesses and community groups can get access to heavily discounted defibrillators and wall mounts, as well as signage and posters to help direct users to your device.  For our latest pricing, please contact us at [email protected].

Don’t forget, these devices can be used by anyone, with or without training, as it will provide clear and easy to follow voice commands as to what to do and will not administer a shock if the patient does not require it.

What people are saying about CardiACT

“The CardiACT campaign is an important life-saving initiative. We are proud of what we have achieved and this award from the North West Ambulance Service is a tremendous boost for us and also our partners who have worked with us to make CardiACT a success.”

Sue Weir, Chief Executive of Medicash

“Everyone needs to treat defibrillators like a first aid kit. None of us would think for a second about having a first aid kit in our business. Ensuring the city centre is covered with them will be a huge achievement and will save untold lives in the years to come.”

Bill Addy, Chief Executive of Liverpool BID Company

“Having more defibrillators across the city needs to be a priority and it’s great that Medicash and Liverpool BID company have got together to make this happen. Just saving one life would be great but with this scheme we’re looking at dozens which is just fantastic.”

Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson, who backed the launch of the campaign

Finally, we would like to thank our partners, without whom this campaign would not have been possible

  • North West Ambulance Service
  • Liverpool BID Company
  • Astmoor Business Improvement District
  • Halton Chamber of Commerce