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Find out how Medicash Wellbeing can provide you with everyday cover against your family's essential healthcare costs.

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Comprehensive and affordable healthcare cover that can help you manage sickness absence and reward your staff.

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A cost effective healthcare cash plan for your portfolio that will add value to your clients employee benefits package and deliver a long term income stream for you.

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Find everything you need to manage your Medicash health plan from downloading a claim form to updating your details.

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Show your employees that you care with a Medicash healthcare cash plan and you can enjoy the benefits of having a happy and healthy workforce

Providing corporate healthcare solutions for many large and small organisations has been core to our business which spans 140 years. Still retaining our 'not for profit' ethos, we provide corporate healthcare benefits with real tangible value for both companies and their employees.

Keeping a workforce healthy and productive are two key objectives for any size of organisation - even more so during economically difficult times. Our corporate health plans work in much the same way as a corporate health insurance plan and can be tailored to suit most budgets and requirements. They can even help to reduce ongoing private medical insurance costs.

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We know that whether you go privately or not, dental costs can really mount up. That's where a dental health insurance plan can help.

If you are looking for dental health care plans, did you know that a Medicash personal plan offers an inexpensive way of managing the cost of your dentistry, as standard?

Just one small monthly payment into your health cash plan will help you keep your expenditure in check, by providing re-imbursement on your dental bills.

When you take out a solo or dual plan (covering you, or you and your partner) with Medicash - we can provide comprehensive cover for both NHS and private dental treatments.

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At Medicash we understand that the welfare of your loved ones is of topmost importance to you and that healthcare costs can't always be budgeted for. That's where Medicash can help.

If you're looking to cover your family with a family health cash plan, did you know that a Medicash personal health cash plan will also offer the benefits of a family cash plan as standard?

Whether you take out a dual plan (covering you or you and your partner) or a solo plan with Medicash, we will also cover as many as four dependent children (aged up to 16, or 19 if in full-time education) across a wide range of benefits.

A Medicash personal cash plan offers affordable cover, providing you with cash back for a wide-range of healthcare costs for you and your family.

One small monthly payment will keep you safe in the knowledge that you can cover the healthcare costs of your loved ones - simply and affordably and without any nasty surprises.

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For over 140 years Medicash have been pioneering affordable healthcare insurance solutions, as a not-for-profit company. Starting from just £1 per week, our low-cost range of corporate health plans provide a cost-effective way to help reward your entire workforce, helping you to:

  • Control absenteeism costs with preventative healthcare initiatives
  • Enhance your corporate healthcare benefits packages
  • Save on your PMI premiums

We like to think that's better for everyone.

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