About Medicash

CarFor 140 years, Medicash has played a growing role in providing healthcare insurance solutions, from helping fund local hospitals in Victorian times to providing corporate benefit packages to 21st century companies. And, while we are determined to retain the best of the past, we have our eyes firmly focused on a dynamic future.

One of the traditions we are most proud of is our commitment to charitable giving, a tangible commitment which has been estimated to have been worth more than £70 million since 1871.

The commitment to charity started then, when the forerunners of Medicash helped fund voluntary hospitals and later became a founder member of the British Health Care Association.Banner

This commitment has continued to the present day, with NHS-based good causes in particular benefiting every year from our two charitable trusts.

Once known as the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Funds and later the Penny in the Pound Fund, Medicash is now one of the UK's oldest and largest healthcare cash plan providers.

Medicash's approach to business is simple yet dynamic, responding to a fast-changing market by investing in research and product development.Image

Our aim is to be the market leaders in innovation. Our plans now focus on our members and on the concept of wellbeing, moving away from simply providing payments for people who have had treatment, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

This all adds up to a picture of a 21st century organisation with traditional values: A company that operates nationally but is still proud of its roots.


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