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Medicash Joins Forces with CBI to Discuss Key Election Issues

The event took place at Liverpool’s London Carriage Works. Sue Weir, Chief Executive of Medicash welcomed guests before Neil Carberry, CBI Director for Employment and Skills highlighted the key issues for businesses that they are discussing with the various political parties; wanting proper levels of investment into skills and education to address the current gap and encouraging young people into appropriate higher skills. by | Friday 24th April 2015

They have been challenging the politicians not to damage the flexible working market, but to come up with better solutions.  Neil stressed that there is real optimism in the British economy.

Health is always one of the main areas of debate at election time.The joint CBI and Medicash  report, Getting Better: Workplace health as a business issue, highlights the clear business benefits to supporting employee health and wellbeing and demonstrated how improving employee health can contribute to better business performance through lower absence, higher productivity and better employee engagement, having a positive effect on profitability.

Sue Weir said: “We were delighted to join forces with the CBI and promote the importance of workplace health on the corporate agenda. Neil Carberry is an expert in his field and the discussions around how the business community are addressing key issues were fascinating.”

“The report contains hard evidence that employers who adopt intelligent strategies around employee health and wellbeing see a real return on their investment. It was encouraging to see so many business leaders engaging with us and making this area a priority.”

Damian Waters CBI, Sue Weir, Medicash and Neil Carberry, CBI

Neil Carberry, CBI, Paul Gambon, Medicash and Andrew Walton,Medicash

Damian Waters CBI, Lucy Smith Medicash, and Andrew Wiggins, Bentley Motors

Maxine Morgan, Findel PLC, Sue Weir, Medicash, Damian Waters CBI, Duncan Grosvenor, HMG Paints

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