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Get access to qualified specialists for support with all of life’s events from health & wellbeing to relationships, work, bereavement, finances, childcare or anything else

Feeling stressed or just need some advice?

With Medicash you have instant access to expert information and advice on a wide range of issues through our 24-hour telephone advice service. Your Medicash policy is here to help keep you in the best of health, both physically and mentally, and also includes online support with additional information and self-help guides.

You can access our Health & Stress Helplines:

  • via the My Medicash app
  • by calling 0345 565 1851
  • by clicking the link below to access the website

Please check your Medicash policy to see if you have access to this benefit.

Premium Employee Assistance Programme

If you are one of our corporate policyholders whose employer has upgraded to our Premium Employee Assistance Programme you will also get access to the following additional benefits.  If you have access to this it will be shown on your Benefit Table or included on your Policy Schedule.

Face to face counselling

With our Premium Employee Assistance Programme you will have access to up to 8 Face to Face Counselling Sessions per issue.

With waiting lists on the NHS being weeks or even months, you can get easy and confidential access to Face to Face Counselling, quickly providing support in times of crisis.

Woebot - our life coach in your pocket

Woebot is our new artificial intelligence counsellor which can offer ‘in the moment’ emotional support to more people than any other clinical method and is provided through our service partner Care first.

Woebot will help you to:

  • Learn about yourself with intelligent mood tracking and exercises
  • Think through situations with step-by-step guidance using Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
  • Build a toolkit for taking care of yourself.

Access all the benefits of your health plan via the My Medicash App

  • Access to all of our digital health benefits
  • Submit claims and update details in minutes
  • Track plan usage and access virtual services
  • Download and register for digital tools

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