My Medicash – Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with the My Medicash App

Watch our quick video to see how to get registered today and how to navigate your way around our app

How to claim via the My Medicash App

This short video shows you how quickly and easily you can submit your claims directly through the My Medicash App.  It also lets you know what your receipt needs to include when making a claim

Who can register for the My Medicash App?

Anyone who is a policyholder of Medicash or is the partner/spouse of a policyholder covered on the policy. Please note that you will need your Medicash Policy Number to hand to register.

What do I need to register for the App?

To register for the App you will need your Medicash policy number (or that of your partner if you are covered on a Dual plan and are not the principal policyholder), your date of birth and the postcode of the address registered with us. You can find your Medicash policy number on the policy schedule included in your welcome pack, in the top right-hand corner of most letters that we send to you or by calling 0151 702 0265.

I was registered on the previous Medicash App – why do I need to re-register?

We have changed the way in which our App interacts with our systems and have removed some of the issues that policyholders had with the previous App. As such, this is a completely new App and not an update and you will need to re-register for the App.  Once done you can delete the old version of the App from your device.

I’ve registered for the App, but cannot see my partners details.

With the new version of the App, partners and spouses covered under your plan will need to register in their own right. They can do this on the same device by using the ‘Add User’ option on the Login page, or alternatively they can download the App to their own device and register on that.  To register they will need your policy number, plus their date of birth and the postcode that we have registered on the system. Please note, under the terms of our policies, partners should reside at the same address as the main policyholder.

How do I make a claim for my children?

Children must be registered on your policy before you are eligible to make a claim for them. If your children are not yet registered, you can register them directly through the app by clicking on ‘Children’ in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Children will appear under the ‘Make a Claim’ section on both parents versions of the app (assuming they are on a dual policy). Unfortunately, it is not possible for children to register for the App and submit their own claims, regardless of their age.

Where can I see what I have claimed to date?

You can view what you have claimed so far in the current benefit year by ‘Usage’ in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Please note that you will only see what you have claimed and not what has been claimed by other individuals on the policy. Partners can access their claims data via their own login, but child claims are not currently available via the App.