Fair Value Assessments

The FCA Product Intervention and Product Governance Sourcebook (PROD4), Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and Consumer Duty regulatory rules require Product Manufacturers to share information about their products with their Distributors for in-scope products (all products excluding reinsurance and contracts of large risk).

The information to be shared includes:

  • Information about the intended target market; and
  • The outcome of a fair value assessment.

Medicash has completed product reviews and value assessments across our entire in-scope product suite.

This page contains Distributor Summary Information sheets, which contain information on our products, their intended target market, an overview of our product review process and the outcome of our fair value assessments.

The content of these documents is not intended to be shared with policyholders. The information shared is at a product level, rather than at specific contract or risk level. As such, specific MI and data, including distributor services and remuneration information, is not contained within these documents.

These assessments are not intended to replace any regular conversations you have with your Medicash representative, nor are they intended to replace the more detailed and specific policy details contained in individual policy documentation.

Fair Value Assessment Documents

Medicash will continue to review these products. Any changes to the product, or the outcome of an assessment, will be reflected on this page. If you have any questions about the documents or their content, please contact your Medicash representative.