Medicash has relaunched itself in recent months into a provider that centres around an app in a move fitting for the modern, technology-based era.

“With smartphones in almost everyone’s pocket these days, pretty much all of Medicash’s clients have the ability to snap a picture of a receipt for medical care and upload it straight to the app,” notes Nadeem Farid, Head of Employee Benefits at Drewberry. “This not only massively speeds up the payment process, allowing reimbursement for eligible care in as little as 48 hours, but it also makes for an easy-to-use and user-friendly system.”

Employees feel the benefit of their Health Cash Plan instantly with this method of submitting claims, improving staff engagement with the plan and therefore the overall satisfaction with having the cover in the first place.

“I often choose Medicash because of what is a standout in the marketplace: its app-based claims management system,” says Nadeem. “No other major Health Cash Plan provider I’m aware of has an app-based system, so I’m happy recommending Medicash just based on how easy clients find it to make a claim alone.”

This said, there are a number of other options that come with Medicash that make it such an easy recommendation and a popular option with clients. Like all Health Cash Plans, Medicash makes it easier for employees to budget for unexpected health emergencies, and manage health and well-being as it is the most important role of these plans.

However, it’s important to note that with a Medicash policy you also get additional benefits such as stress-related helplines, discounted health club membership, retail discounts and a virtual GP service.

“I feel like there’s definite room for innovation in the Health Cash Plan marketplace,” says Nadeem. “Medicash has taken some great first steps, especially with its claims process, and it would be fantastic to see others follow its example.

“While most providers have an online claims process, this doesn’t involve an app. In this day and age, a fuss-free smartphone app is a world away from logging in via a browser and submitting a claim that way or even, as with some providers, still relying on submitting an email or even a postal claim!”

Health Cash Plans are going to have to innovate as we go forward to keep up with the way the modern consumer wants to manage their health — the Medicash model is a good one to follow.