Founded in 2015 by Lee Dentith, NHG provides digital healthcare services through its brands Dr Now, Now GP and Now Pharmacy. This exciting new partnership with Medicash will enable the business to further develop its artificial intelligence and machine learning offering through its mobile app products and its online pharmacy, enabling the faster development of auto diagnoses and medicine adherence solutions.

The company intends to further develop its hugely successful private medical insurance offering and also its soon-to-be launched new NHS medicine adherence and fulfilment app, providing a potential 15 million users with chronic care conditions to free access to medical professionals through an app-based healthcare platform.

CEO and Founder of Now Healthcare Group, Lee Dentith, said:

“This investment and partnership is a fantastic opportunity for both NHG and Medicash to be able to develop new and exciting products for the insurance market in a live environment. Medicash will enable us to explore services and demands for both private individuals and companies, which can potentially provide a game-changing scenario for the digital private medical insurance market. We are aiming to test and develop products to over 100,000 business clients and over 100,000 private individuals.

“The facility to also test how we can shape NHS services and manage chronic care patients through the NHS is also very exciting for us. The PMI market is constantly looking at ways to work with the NHS digitally, and we are currently creating in-app solutions utilising artificial intelligence that can be potentially processed with the NHS Choices programme. The fact that we also have the capability to have the medicines fulfilled and delivered by our own pharmacy provides NHG with the unique position of being the only European telehealth provider to own and operate its own online NHS pharmacy.”

Sue Weir, Chief Executive of Medicash, said “Medicash has enjoyed several years of growth and is always looking for new ways to innovate in the health cash plan sector.  We are excited to be working with Lee and his team to develop new offerings to our policyholders.  Healthcare delivery will change dramatically over the next few years, and we, at Medicash, want to be at the forefront of the evolution.”

About NHG

NHG has been a supplier to the NHS for over two years, processing and dispensing over 100,000 items. It is also Europe’s largest supplier of telehealth services and currently covers over two million people through partnerships with Cigna, Thomas Cook (internationally) and the Schools Advisory Service. Through these partnerships, NHG works with clients including Apple (Europe), IBM and Standard Life.

NHG anticipates that, through new contracts due to be announced shortly, its audience will be well over 20 million people by the end of 2017. NHG has also been featured in a number of publications and media outlets, including Forbes, BBC, ITV, The Guardian, The Times, USA Today and CNBC.

For more information on the industry-changing NHG products, contact founder Lee Dentith at [email protected]. Lee is available for all media enquiries including phone/TV/radio and email interviews.