Partnering with EQL, one of the UK’s fastest-growing health tech businesses, Medicash is making the end-to-end MSK care programme available to over 240,000 of its corporate policyholders who are already covered for physiotherapy.

Phio will provide Medicash’s corporate policyholders with faster, unparalleled access to the right MSK care.

They will have unlimited access to Phio Access, and then if they are identified as suitable for self-management, they will go through to Phio Engage to follow an exercise programme tailored for them.

Phio Engage uniquely allows people to control the intensity of the programme according to their needs, and tracks their progress, providing qualified clinical oversight and intervention through the app as needed.

Andy Roberts, Finance and IT Director for Medicash, said that ease of access and the seamless customer journey were the key factors in deciding to adopt Phio.

“By promoting innovation, Medicash is helping to spur the digital transformation of healthcare. A digital MSK product has always been on our roadmap, and we feel that the Phio platform meets this need for policyholders.  Our policyholders can start their Phio journey directly from the Medicash app and the intuitive nature of the solution ensures there are no barriers to engagement.”

Jason Ward, co-founder and CEO of EQL, said: “It’s great to be teaming up with Medicash, with its pedigree and track record in the sector, to launch Phio into the health insurance market.

“We’re on a mission to improve and speed up access to healthcare, and to empower people to take control of their own healthcare needs. Phio is a great step forward in achieving that. It offers early intervention, consistent and transparent referral, empowered patients and better MSK management.”

More than 30 million working days are lost due to MSK conditions every year, costing the UK at least £7bn. With the average age of workers increasing to 43 by 2030 this is only set to increase.  Studies show that 45% of MSK conditions are appropriate for self-management.