Employee Assistance Programme

Protect your workforce’s mental wellbeing with an EAP. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is offered through the award-winning, APPTS-accredited wellbeing providers at Vivup.

Support when it's needed most

With a fast, confidential referral service from highly trained staff, your employees can get the support they need, when they need it.

Research by EAPA UK shows that investing in an EAP is a key business benefit, with an average ROI of £10.85 for every £1 spent on an EAP due to increased productivity.

Our EAP is available as a bolt-on with our corporate health plans and provides your employees with direct access to qualified counsellors, whenever and wherever they need support.

We are also able to offer Employee Assistance Programmes as a standalone benefit through our sister organisation Health@Work.  Please contact us using the form below for more information.

24/7 Support Service

Our EAP is designed to support your employees with every level of mental health, stress, and everyday health and lifestyle concerns and includes:

  • 24/7 access to licensed counsellors, including in-the-moment support, service signposting, and referrals for ongoing support.
  • Up to 8 face-to-face, online, or telephone counselling sessions with a licenced counsellor
  • Early mental health intervention for employees from trained professionals
  • Free, impartial financial wellbeing advice & 24/7 online debt advice services
  • A dedicated menopause support service to discuss symptoms, worries, and treatment options
  • Expert advice and coaching for managers to help support employees’ mental health
  • CBT self-help workbooks for empowering mental health self-management
  • Domestic abuse resources and confidential help

Access to Your Care

Our EAP provides your workforce with access to their own health & wellbeing management and support hub, including a range of self-help tools and guides including:

  • A variety of personal, emotional and financial wellbeing tools
  • Mental, physical, and financial wellbeing self-assessments to help identify areas of concern and offer support signposts
  • Goal-setting guides for small, sustainable lifestyle changes that improve mental and physical health
  • Connectivity to health & fitness apps to sync activity data and track progress
  • Blogs, videos, recipes and more resources for support and inspiration
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Access to a dedicated Menopause Support Helpline

Research shows one in 10 women have left work because of menopause symptoms, we must ensure the right education and support is available.

With the 24/7 menopause support helpline, users are able to book a one-off menopause assessment with a specialist menopause clinician.

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Access to Togetherall for community support

When we face the world alone, we can forget the bigger picture – that we’re part of a community, together.

Our EAP provides your employees access to Togetherall: a clinically managed online community designed to improve mental wellbeing through anonymous, moderated peer-to-peer support.

More than just helplines

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Face to face counselling

With NHS counselling waiting lists spanning weeks and even months, the Medicash EAP provides your employees with the opportunity
to utilise up to eight confidential face to face counselling sessions, where clinically appropriate.

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Online support and information

As part of our Employee Assistance Programme, your employees are also able to access online support.
Immediate information, answers and advice to a range of workplace and personal issues can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year.

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