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Health cash plans for intermediaries

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If you're looking for a corporate healthcare plan that will impress your clients, Medicash has a product range that works harder than most. Healthcare costs are continuing to rise and free treatments are becoming rarer - as a result health cash plans have become one of the fastest growing types of employee benefits in the UK and will add real value to your client's employee benefits package.

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  • Medicash Proactive (Intermediaries) Medicash Proactive From just £1 per week Find out more
  • Medicash Plus (Intermediaries) Medicash Plus For companies with 25+ employees Find out more
  • Bespoke Plans (Intermediaries) Bespoke Plans  We will work with you to create a plan Find out more
  • Medicash Listen (Intermediaries) Medicash Listen A problem shared is a problem halved Find out more
  • Medicash Flex (Intermediaries) Medicash Flex Our health plans don't need to cost your business money Find out more
  • Voluntary Plans (intermediaries) Voluntary Plans Health cover at exclusive rates Find out more

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